A to Z Challenge

E is for Easter.


I love Easter, ever since I was little, my parents would always plan a fun hunt for our mornings, no matter where we were.  I've continued on with this tradition and have done Easter egg hunts for Avi since she was able to walk. 

But in the last two years we have added new traditions we've learned about while here.

Easter Egg Tree

Usually this is branches decorated with plastic eggs, but many do it with the trees in their front yards.
Easter 2013

Easter bonfire.

While we have never attended one, this is another typical German tradition. it is done across the country to welcome the sun and spring. Usually the wood used is old Christmas trees that were saved for this occasion.

Many Easter decorations everywhere.

While this may not be a "German" tradition it is something that we enjoy seeing whenever we go shopping.

This isn't all Germany has to offer during this time of year; or our exact Easter traditions, But the Easter tree decoration is something I hadn't heard of until moving here.

What is your favorite Easter Tradition?

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