A to Z Challenge

B is for Bank.


If you plan on moving to Germany for an extended period. it might be necessary to open a bank account. This will help make things a little easier for you if you want to start a gym membership or set up automated payments. Plus, you need a bank account to set up you health insurance (well, at least it was required for us).

To open the bank account you will need to bring with you  your passpport and your anmeldebescheinigung (registration certificate, proof of where you live). most banks will pass you through to an available rep. and they will help you set it up. 

The top four banks in Germany are Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Sparkasse and Hypovereinsbank, they all have different 'konto' options some with fees, and some offering special account type for people under 26. 

The one we were recommended was HASPA (Hamburger) Sparkasse (there is an account available to students that does not have a monthly fee) and you can withdraw money in any part of Germany that has a sparkasse ATM with no additional fees.

Deutsche Bank is another popular bank, but most of their options have a monthly fee. We've spotted DB in Italy, it might even be available in other countries within the EU so this could be a good option if you plan on traveling around.

This is just a short glimpse and what we went through when we first opened our account here, hope it helps anybody wondering what they needed
 to do this.

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