A to Z Challenge

F is for Finding a Home.


If you're moving to Germany you need to find a home, that's a given. but you might find it difficult to do it from abroad, i'm telling you by experience; it only gets a little easier if you do it from here.

If you're moving to a big city chances are you are going to bump into a couple of scams, you will be able to tell them apart because they look like expensive suites and relatively cheap, or they mention sending you the keys by post. 

To get started, the main websites we use for finding an apartment are: immobilienscout24.de, Immonet.de and a simple "Kleinanzeige immowelt wg gesucht" Google search.

You go to your appointments (which you have scheduled for the same day) and where they will show you around and get to know you, it's like a mini interview. When done, you go on your way to the next one.

After a couple of days, you will hear back with news (rejected or accepted) so be prepared by scheduling more apartment viewings.

We've had to do this twice before, it'll be different for everybody you might get lucky and get the first apartment you view. 

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