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Helene announced a one day link up and I thought it was a good idea, I'm going to say a couple of things that I haven't already (in my many personal posts), with information you probably don't know...

- You can find Dr. Pepper in Germany but it's more expensive than coke/pepsi so I only buy it when I'm craving "comfort food."

- I talk in my sleep and sometimes if you ask me something I will respond to you as if I were awake.

- I can't roll my tongue. For the life of me, and trust me I've tried plenty of times.

- I love Chocolate. Always have and probably always will, even though I might not be eating it as often as I did when I was little.

- My College plan was actually three years, but I did it took me an extra two trimesters because I decided to have a baby in the middle of it.

- I had a burst appendix a day after my birthday in 2012 so I spent my first new years eve abroad in the hospital. Don't worry the nurse still offered me some champagne.

- I am thinking of re branding my blog. I haven't done this before, and I think I will do this sometime next month.

I went blonde last December after letting my hair grow out for almost a year and I followed Helene's advice from her blonde hair without the Salon post to maintain the blondness.

- I've had this blog since March 2013, but I didn't start promoting it until a year later.

- We are halfway through June but it is still cold here... (currently: 14°C/57°F)

- You probably didn't know that a year ago today we were at the beginning of our 2014 Euro Trip.

What is something I didn't know about you?

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