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Grosse Freiheit


When taking advantage of Hamburg's nightlife you will discover that the best-known and most famous cross street on the north side of the Reeperbahn street is the Grosse Freiheit in St. Pauli. 

In 1611 "Grosse Freiheit" (Great Freedom) was established as a separate district belonging to Altona. That later changed and now you have to stop by for a night out in Reeperbahn considering its connection with the Beatles. In the '60s the Beatles began their careers at the Star Club on this street. If you keep walking you'll find Beatles Platz, with sculptures of them.

At the present time, the road consists mainly of clubs with neon signs. You will find on or another bachelor ending up in the striptease bar "Dollhouse". But the formerly dominant red addresses are now clearly on the decline.

  Standard club night out to be honest. I would like to return though when they host a live music gig.

During the weekends you will find endless party goers and tourists (who correspondingly leave a lot of garbage) roaming the streets. There are also a selection of dance-floors with varying genres of music catering to different tastes. Plenty of bars offering the usual selection. The Grosse Freiheit will not look inviting on a Sunday morning.

After a night out in this area, if you last until the wee hours of Sunday morning than you're just in time to buy a fischbrotchen at the Fish market.

Would you visit this party Street?

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