ABC's of Hamburg

R is for Reeperbahn


If you're walking along Hamburg's St. Pauli district, you will find the most famous street (in Hamburg): Reeperbahn. The Reeperbahn (as I already mentioned) is big in regards to Hamburg's nightlife, you'll find many great bars, restaurants, theaters, and clubs here, but did you know it also houses the city's red-light district?
Yes, it's true and although it is very different to the Red Light District in Amsterdam, the area with prostitutes is considerably smaller. and  women are not allowed to walk through it. But it has some similarities, here you will find sex shops/museums, erotic theaters, and strip clubs.
 The St. Pauli district is the second most popular attraction in Hamburg, after the Harbor. This wide-ranging mix makes the Reeperbahn a fascinating place to visit for travelers and locals alike. 

If you plan on visiting here are a couple of tips:
- The nightlife in the Reeperbahn doesn't start until around eight or nine p.m.
- It gets very crowded, and although the area is relatively safe, beware of pickpockets.
- After a night out at the Reeperbahn visit the Fischmarkt and have a Fischbroten!
- you can visit the Reeperbahn with a guided tour. Get your guide or Reeperbahn Walking Tour

Getting there: S-bahn stop "Reeperbahn" or U-bahn "St. Pauli"

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