ABC's of Hamburg

P is for Planten un Blomen


Planten un Blomen (plants and flowers) is the name of the green belt (an invisible "border" around an area preventing development there) stretching alongside the city center all the way down to the harbor.
Some of the "main attractions" at Planten un Blomen are a Japanese garden, an apothecary's garden, different lakes tropical greenhouses, a skating rink, crazy golf, a huge playground for the kids,  and pony rides on Sunday afternoons.
It also houses several cafés which offer coffee and snacks. Some special events include dancing on a Sunday afternoon, free concerts every weekend throughout the summer in the music pavillion and a Wasserlichtspiele, a combination of fountains, colored lights, and music on the lake in the middle of the park.
I've visited this park on different occasions and always discover something new, it's a good place to spend an afternoon, you can buy yourself an ice cream cone and walk around and explore it a bit... If you're visiting during winter then I recommend going ice skating! I did this to celebrate my birthday one year and we had a blast! :)

Does your city have a park like this?
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