ABC's of Hamburg

Bucherhallen im Hamburg


Bucherhallen is the German word for Libraries.

Hamburg's Main Library is in the city center
There are 32 branches within Hamburg's districts. and they each have something to offer. Within these 32 branches, there is a special children's library with sections for young ones. two mobile libraries, and a central library (near the main railway station).
different library locations in Hamburg, courtesy of

What I like most is that they have different activities for kids during school holidays. Whether it's crafts, rhyme time, or simply reading out loud to them; you can take your children to be entertained for a while when they're not in school.

Some (if not most) libraries have a little kids corner within the children's book section for the little kids to play/write on the chalkboard/sit to read in..

The libraries in Hamburg offer different programs for just about anyone, some of the more popular ones are: 
- Dialog in German
- Storybook Cinema
- Exhibitions

Cost: to enter free, to check out the any media you need to become a member.
Address (for the main library): Hühnerposten 1 (Eingang: Arno-Schmidt-Platz), 20097 Hamburg

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