ABC's of Hamburg

Visiting a "fake beach" in Hamburg.


S is for Strand

Strand is the German word for beach, you can see my day trip to Scharbeutz beach or read on to take a virtual visit to one of Hamburg's Elbe beaches. I happened to visit this one with my German class.
You start off at Landungsbrücken then take either 62 HVV Ferry towards Finkenwerder and get off at Neumuehlen.

From the ferry, you have great views of the Hamburg skyline and sprawling port area. You will be able to see port facilities  on the other side of the river and if your lucky, passing container ships up close.
Once you get off it's just a matter of walking down towards the beach and you've made it!
Enjoy the views and take many pictures!

Have you ever visited a "fake" beach?

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  1. That sounds like a good outing to go on with language class! I wish the language classes I've taken would have included various excursions. :)