A to Z Challenge

A to Z Reflections.


I want to say I did it. 

But I didn't.

I almost did though 

24 out of 26 posts about living abroad helping me complete the April A to Z 2015 Challenge!

I enjoyed posting six times a week, even though I wasn't able to interact as much with other blogs participating since I had to focus on finding an apartment, and that is practically a full time job. 

I wanted to compare this challenge to my blogtober challenge (stats-wise) but I don't seem to have the ones from back then, but i'll save the ones from this time for future references! 

I hope you guys enjoyed following along, and that some of you will stick around. Thank you to those stopping over via the challenge and a special shot out to Sean from his and her hobbies since he visited most, if not all of my a to z posts and to all my usual readers for putting up with me posting six days a week this month, I'll go back to my usual 2 -3 (1-2, who am I kidding) from here on. ;)

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