The Move


Last November when we found out we would be moving I started looking for moving companies, but all the quotes I received were between 1750 - 2,000 eur, and we didn't think the stuff we had back then was worth that so we opted for donating most of it and selling some pieces at very low rates. 

This time around it was different, since we had recently bought all our furniture and not something we could easily return or donate; especially in a city were I had yet to meet anyone. I took advantage that while I was searching forn an apartment online I found links that said things like "interested in  __% off on your move?" and I sadi sure why not, clicked the option, put in the details they requested and was contacted by many different moving companies.

We checked their options and double checked all of their reviews and quotes and we finally opted for one of them, it would cost us around 950 Euros, way better than the quote I had received last time.
Relocation offers free + without obligation

On to the move...

I started packing everything mid may, starting with the things we were definitely not using. and as I've previously mentioned, most of the stuff went into our suitcases and a lot of the other stuff went in to some of the boxes we still had (in good condition) from when we had bought the furniture and a few others that a friend gave us (when we left our house last December) that were left over from her move,They were also put to good use!

The movers arrived on fri. May 29th at around 3pm, once they finished loading up we bought tickets for me to take a night bus to Hamburg. I got to our new place around 7:40ish the next morning and they were scheduled to arrive between 8 and 9 (but they called us and let us know they would be late due to a traffic jam) and they got there around 11 am.

The new place looks pretty with all our stuff, the only thing missing is the closets, light fixtures and everything I had mentioned in my Spring15 decorating mood board.

But, had I known it was super easy to hire movers and how they really do everything for you I probably wouldn't have given everything away when we moved the first time.

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