The Circle Link Up

The Circle Link Up - May 2015


I signed up to participate Kiki's the Circle link up late March and last month was the first time I participated (I posted my reverse bucket list). This month the theme is Spring15 Mood Board, but it doesn't necessarily have to be about spring, basically any mood board with 15 items (or at least, that's what I did) is okay.

At first I had no clue of what I would add to mine, but after looking around through Pinterest, I figured I'd do some inspiration for decorating our new place.

Keep in mind this is the first mood board I ever do. I had no clue of where to start, many people mentioned using picmonkey, but I didn't have time to download pictures and them added them back so I used olioboard instead.

Like I mentioned above, I chose decorating our new place as my theme, you might think what's in it is super random, and it probably is, but it has something that belongs in most rooms.

If you want more inspiration for making a mood board, you can view some of the ones I've pinned.
Follow Diana L.'s board Moodboards. on Pinterest.


PS. My expat experience went live today at expat focus, you can click on the image to go read it!

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