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Fourth Month in Kaiserslautern {by the numbers}


Kaiserslautern by the numbers

Our fourth (and last) month here was a packed one (see what I did there) and well I have to say that I really did enjoy our time here, I'm sad I didn't get to meet anybody from this area, but we have some great memories, thanks to Kaiserslautern central location. 

We got a lot done during our last month here, here's what it entailed:

 day spent at Gartenschau.

Medieval Festival Kaiserslautern

That's right, I had posted so many teaser pictures of this place since it's practically outside our door. We took advantage and finally went inside. It was very fun, a part from the many blooming flowers we go to see, there was a Lego exhibition and a medieval festival going on.

Nine days in Hamburg
I left Kaiserslautern May 5th to begin apartment hunting and we came back to start packing nine days later. 

Six apartment viewings.
Six is a small number in regards to what I was doing, but five out of the six where a viable option for us #NoComplaints.

One new apartment
We got the last place out of the six we viewed! its location is super convenient for us, we couldn't be happier (well maybe rent-wise, but that's okay)... I'll be planing a housewarming party for sometime next month.

Four hours in Worms, DE
Worms, Germany
...four is more than enough since it's a small city. I enjoyed our stroll there, it was very pretty.

Many rainy days.
Spiderman sweater
Both while in Hamburg and in Kaiserslautern... and what better way to spend a rainy day than at the mall, and even better when you come out with a new spider man sweater from Primark.

One Mother's day and One Father's day
With nothing special except family time both days (in Germany father's day is celebrated on ascension day).

Thirty-fiveeuros for a round trip
Luxembourg City, visit a new country. so we definitely took advantage and visited Luxembourg, you could practically smell the money in the air. I'll be posting more about this financial capital within Europe soon enough.

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Did you have any special moments this past month? 

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  1. It looks like you were able to make some really great memories while you were there. It is exciting to start the next chapter in your life!!