What would you rather?


I'm back!

I hadn't posted at all in a week, because I was stuck without Internet. :/ but I'm good now, still in Hamburg looking for an Apartment and we're hoping to go back to Kaisereslautern by the end of this week.

I saw this post on Isabel's blog the sunny side of this and it brought me back to those days were we would play this sort of game between friends... and today I'm answering these hypothetical questions of "would you rather."

Scenario: you have a €10,000 budget for your vacation. 
Q: Would you rather fly first class for €5,000 and stay in mediocre accommodation; or stay in luxury accommodation for €3,000 and fly economy?
How many days does 3k give me in luxurious accommodation? depending on that I might choose this option, since I would have more money to spend at my destination! But I have never traveled via first class and I've heard wonders about it so this might be the one I choose.

Would you rather have an all expenses paid trip to a small town in the Netherlands with your best friends or an all expenses paid trip to your dream destination with your frenemy?
All expenses paid trip to a small town with my best friends, this is actually what we did when we visited Holland in 2013, but it wasn't all expenses paid (at least we didn't have to pay for accommodation).

Would you rather have a beer with the cast of parenthood or the original grey's anatomy cast?
I think I would choose grey's anatomy.

Would you rather never take the train or never take the airplane again?
Never take the train, even though it is something that we really do use here, I would rather stop this than stop flying, I need to be able to get back home (even though a transatlantic cruise doesn't Sound so bad).

Would you rather spend a full day with a thief or with a beggar?
Beggar, offer them a warm meal. a shower and a blanket.. I'm supposing this is during winter, so hiding out from the coldness won't do any harm.

Scenario: you have won a prize with two options, and you can choose either but not both.
Would you rather spend a year in the USA with a monthly stipend of $1,000 or be ten minutes on the moon?
I would definitely choose a sabbatical in the states, so I can finally see all those national monuments and stuff without a care in the world!

Would you rather wake up without your wallet or without your passport and phone?
I can't wake up without my passport, because then I wouldn't be able to continue traveling for a while, so I would rather wake up without my wallet (let's just hope Pablo has it and it hasn't been stolen ;) ).

Q: Would you rather be left behind in the bush on an African safari or Be left behind in the water on a scuba trip?
Can I say neither (#scarrymuch)? No? Okay. Fine, the safari... I think it's better than being left in the sea.. plus, I can go all LOST on them :)

Q: Would you rather loose your luggage but land on time OR land 12 hours late with your luggage intact?
I would rather land later but with everything I boarded the plane with .. and I would spend those 12 hours visiting the city I was stuck in, kind of like what we did in New York in December.

Q: Would you rather bike across the US from New York City to San Francisco, or bike across China from Beijing to Tibet?
Which has better weather? Because I bet the view is good on either. I might choose USA, that way if I get lost I can easily communicate with the locals.

Scenario: you're stuck on a deserted island, and can only take one book.
Q: Would you rather take the Unbearable Lightness of Being or Dracula?

Q: Would you rather be able to teleport to places you've been to or only be able to teleport to places you've never been before?
Places I've already been too, I love everywhere I've visited, and I definitely wouldn't mind being able to teleport to a beach right now! 

Q: Would you rather be stuck on a seven-hour delay, or Turn up at the airport and realize your flight is tomorrow? 
seven hours is enough to visit the city (depending on the airport) but 24 extra hours in the current city might not be so bad  I think I would rather have a delay, as long as I don't have to pay extra for any connecting flights oder so

What would you rather bargain for?

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