Funniest Memory from Childhood


Day 14.
So today's prompt in the blog everyday challenge is "What is the Funniest Memory from Childhood".

I love my cousins.

We always have fun when we get together, 

So naturally many of my funniest childhood memories are with them. 

There are so many funny memories, but some of them should not be posted on here or anywhere on the internet for that matter. Except, maybe when I recently brought it up in our whatsapp group and made everyone crack up for a while, hehe!

And well, one of my funniest memories is when my cousin was visiting from Mexico and we didn't 
have anything to do, so I decided we should start prank calling.  She didn't know about the neat *67 trick since it's not available over there. So I showed her how and told her what to say (this was the first time she'd heard of this)  I was holding in my laughter while she was talking with the other people. it was hilarious... 
...Excuse me, do you wash clothes there?
.. oh well how dirty!

Have you ever prank called?
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