Avi's 1st birthday.


Every tuesday from here to November 4th I will be posting pictures from Avi's previous birthday parties as a way to countdown to her birthday here on the blog.  This works out perfect since I hadn't blogged about them before. 

When she turned one we did a double celebration in Monterrey (her grandpa turned 60 a couple of days before her). The theme was butterflies/fairies. and since it was after halloween guests came dressed up!

My mom hosted her party in McAllen, where all our friends from back home got to attend. I remember we had the party on Nov 6th, and it was exactly one year after my baby shower (for which I no longer had a baby in my belly, and she was still at the hospital)  we had the baby shower 2 days after she was born because my due date was Nov 20th and we didn't think she would be born so early).

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