Favorite fall outfit.


Day 16 of the blog everyday in October challenge, 

I wonder If I'll stop opening posts with that line? Maybe, maybe not. Anyways, today's prompt is:

Favorite fall outfit.

I'm excited to write about this because this year is the first year that I actually get to wear a fall outfit, Before moving to Germany we didn't really experience fall, it is still warm this time a year in Mx and South Texas.. When we first got here I would wear my normal clothes, jeans and a jacket I don't really like cold weather.. But over the past two years I've gotten over that, and adapted to this wonderful season.

Now I can wear tights/leggings with a long shirt and a scarf and (maybe a light jacket) not die of coldness! Yay, me! lol..  I recently bought some green leggings, and I can't wait to pair them up with a long white shirt. 

You can follow my winter/fall style pinterest board HERE if you'd like more inspiration for fall fashion.

What's your favorite fall outfit?

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