Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan!


This week on Thursday marks two years living in Hamburg. I recently found a planner I used when we first got here. It's an interesting read, I used to write down what we ate and what we did each day. This was technically the first time we were living on our own, and my first time cooking more than one meal a week! 

I'm letting you take a peek into our daily lives and showing you what we did the first few days in this country (some in Spanish and the rest in English, if it's even legible).

I'm so happy I found a new way to format my meal plan.. I tried to make it like a journal (the one you see above), let me know what you think in the comments, and how I could better it, I'm planning on using it for the long run!

This week we will be eating a lot of meat and chickem. Tacos, burgers, pasta and more. 

What are you serving this week?


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