What I fear most


This prompt was a little difficult for me to answer, but I think if I keep it short, it's totally doable!

Now, I've never been afraid of spiders, in fact, when I was younger and visiting my dad I saw one on the floor it looked little and harmless I decided to kill it, but when I did, a thousand (maybe more, maybe less) little spiders started crawling out of it. I got so freaked out! My dad had to fix this I have no idea how he did.. never again did I make that mistake.

Word of advice: don't kill this spider:
But if you were to ask me: Diana, what do you fear the most? I think I would have to say I son't know, but maybe it’s fear of success or failure.

I don't know, it doesn't seem logical, and I don't know how to explain my fear, it is basically fear of not being able to provide for my family. This would freak me out, and I don't know why if I'm not even working at the moment. I think it has to do mainly with my biggest fear (being 30 and not having a career related job) they're probably more related than I think. But I know that I'm going to start applying for jobs soon enough and hopefully I can find the perfect job!

How about you, what do you fear the most ?

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