A letter to my future self


I was debating on whether or not to participate in today's prompt but after thinking about it for a while I decided to do so. It makes me feel like i'm back in school writing those "where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years" assignments. 
Dear almost 36 year old Diana,  
      How's life? Are we still blogging, is that still a thing? I don't know where we'll be living 10 years from now, heck I don't even know where will be in January. But as long as we're all still in good health it's all good! I don't know if you will remember in ten years what your goals in 2014 were, so I'm going to remind you! 
     As you recall, we graduated from TecMilenio in 2012, two months before moving to Hamburg. Towards the end of the year I was working on finding a job (I had to reschedule the interview multiple times since I was in the hospital for appendicitis-remember that?) After my six month internship was over I started focusing more on learning German rather than finding another job. 
     I also found out I didn't have a work permit, we got that switched out when we went to renovate our visas, so I should really get to it and start the search. My current focus being finding a job in warehouse/logistics. Did I succeed? I hope you are were I see myself in 10 years (as high ranking executive and doing very good) and that you are happy with your job.
      Another goal of mine is to have a Masters degree, I haven't looked into it, but I hope I'm able to take advantage of our time in Germany to get one. Maybe afterwards I decide I also want to get a PHD, who knows! I just hope that by 35 I have a Masters degree and (depending on what I do for a living) maybe even a PhD.
      Lastly, let's talk a bit about family. I've always wanted a big family and Avi has been asking for a sibling for a while now. Where are we on that? I hope we were able to give her at least one sibling, did Pablo give in? He's the only one who keeps saying 'not yet' I hope I was able to convince him of having more kids!  :)
Love always,

And so yeah, that's my letter to me. I wonder how different or similar mine is to everyone else's? I'll go check them out, and if you'd like you can also join in with Helene and Tay for this Blogtober14 challenge! 

The Daily Tay

Did you write one too? What would you tell your self?

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