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Hi guys, today is day 2 of the blog everyday in October challenge. I noticed this a bit late and I actually posted the first one earlier. Now on to today's prompt, which is "what was your dream job when you were little/what is it now?" Here's my response.

Dream job when I was little

The only job I can remember wanting while growing up was being a teacher, either a first or second grade teacher. To me, those were the best years (from what I can recall). I sometimes want to go back to this, change career and become a teacher, especially when I see pictures of my friends' classrooms or when I stumble upon teacher blogs. 

I don't think this will happen since I already have my degree in something else. Maybe in the future I can get a masters in Education and teach something career related, even though I know it won't he the same. 

Dream Job Now.

Currently my dream job is to be CEO at an international company. Is that to much to ask?, but I know that won't be possible for a couple of years and then some more, I need to get into the game first. Unless I happen to win the lottery then I'd be able to start a company or invest in one. ;)

Another current dream job would be one that required traveling, but not just business travel, I want one that includes a couple of extra days to explore the area, and that includes the family. For example, if my husband's job included us on his business trips, the three of us would go and little by little we would cross of many of our bucket list items. :D

What about you, what is YOUR dream job?

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