Best advice received.


day 12,  What is the best advice I've ever been given? 

Well i'm not really sure, but i'd have to say it was one that helped me learn how to save money.
A couple of years ago when my sister was starting working for the first time, my dad told her that when he was little and got his first paycheck he gave it to his mom, and that my sister should do the same, (or at least with half of it) to our mom as a sort of thank you for everything she's done up to that date. and while she did do that it was too late for me.

And the other money saving piece of advice I received came from Pablo. He taught me that money should not be stupidly spent, but saved up. He taught me to be on a budget and how to spend only what's necessary.

I remember getting my first paycheck in Mexico, the first thing I did was buy a bus ticket to McAllen to visit my family and once I got there I bought myself new [work] clothes. I would  actually do something like this with every paycheck, never really saving anything up; which in reality sucks, because I wasn't paying rent, spending gas, or worrying about groceries, so I should've been saving, who knows where the money went? Also, whenever I'd find money on the floor, instead of sticking it in a piggy bank I'd look for something to buy and buy it. 

But those days are behind me, now a days I use this neat trick of not spending everything and am able to save up a little something every time.. This is going to help us in the long run for whatever it may be, hopefully more travelling. ;)
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What is the best advice you've ever received?

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