If I can. #FallBucketList.


I remember all the autumn crafts we did in school while growing up but I do not remember looking out the window and seeing those pretty colored trees. I really thought I wasn't going to post anything today, but then I decided to go for it. While I don't usually do a seasonal bucket list, I though it'd be cool to begin this tradition. 

I decided to do two short lists. I can't do the typical hayride or pumpkin patch, because I wouldn't know how/where to here in Germany--if anyobody knows, let me know! But I am able to go out and enjoy the season while taking some pretty Autumn themed pictures and making some Herbst (autumn) related dishes!

Things to Make this Fall

Try a new soup recipe
Make at least one apple dessert
Have a picnic at the park
Bake cookies
Eat S'mores

Things to Photograph this Fall

The changing of the leaves
Playing in the leaves--this is Avi's favorite thing to do while we're out and about.
My favorite fall drink-- i don't have one though, any recommendations?!
Trick or Treating.
Halloween Candy

Can't wait to see the results and how much of those lists I get to do!

What's on your bucket list this season?

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