An Elly the Elephant party.


[This was meant to be posted on Oct 21st.]

I've been waiting two weeks to write about Avi's 3rd birthday party, it is the first one where we got crafty with almost everything. When she was two she liked watching Pocoyo; her favorite character was Elly the Elephant. She said she wanted an Elly party, so an Elly party we threw. 
I love this chick so much!
I had scheduled everything for Avi's party at Pablo's aunts pool like the previous two years. I made the invitation using Photoshop for the first time, I think it came out good, you?
Elly the elephant invitation
Since we knew it would be the last party with family for at least two years, I had splurged a little and rented a bouncy house that included some 'icees'.  A day before the party the weather was not good for an outdoor party, it was raining almost non stop and the grass would still be wet the next day. 

So instead of going grocery shopping (for food for the party) I went all over town looking for a place where we could throw the party: Burger king, McDonald's, Wendy's, what ever was available. I ended up choosing a McDonalds in a very central location so everybody could attend, and right after I started calling and messaging everybody to let them know we changed the location.
My mother in law helped me with the table center pieces and the goodie bags, she has amazing DIY skills, I love the stuff she creates!
My friend had made us a frame for our going away party and used the opposite side of it to make a birthday frame for the party. 
I like the way she wrapped Avi's present too.
I had gone with my MIL to look for a piñata for Avi. We knew they wouldn't have any of Elly since he is not a main character so we took a picture with us and went in advance. I asked for a little one so Avi could look real cute next to her like-sized piñata (they can do any size) and he was like "yeah, no problem." When we went to pick it up I was kind of surprised/upset that he had made a big one. I don't remember what excuse he gave us, , but my MIL told me not to worry about it he ended up charging us for a small one. so that was nice and we took it home.
My friend Daniela owner of Dulce Motivo made the cake (she had done the one at her baptism too) this one came out just as delicious, Not to mention, the Elly is filled with rice krispies, yummy!
here are some more pictures from the party:

Have your party plans ever changed almost last minute?

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