Best or Worst Vacation.


Day 7 - Today's prompt Is what is your best or worst vacation. I don't think there is such thing as a bad vacation? Maybe you can go to the beach and it rains all week, but there's always something to do.

I'm going with best for today, and I'm going to tell you about one of my favorite ones. My top two are: Christmas 2010, which was spent in Charlotte, NC (where I got to see snow for the first time!) and Orlando, FL (where Pablo and I went on a "graduation present" to Universal Studios) and Summer 2014, during which we did a sort of "Eurotrip."

Our best, and my favorite vacation was the 15 days we did around Europe this summer. My sister had flown in from the states in June to visit us for a month. During that time I had planned two weeks of visiting different cities that interested us across Europe. It was the perfect excuse to visit cities that we hadn't been able to yet, and revisit a couple other.

Here is our itinerary, a summary of the two weeks the four of us traveled around Europe. 

2 Nights in Edinburgh 
Day 1 From Bremen to Edinburgh, once there we took the free tour at 14:00
Day 2 Day trip to visit Alnwick Castle
Day 3 We had breakfast and then went to the airport to go to London... → 

3 Nights in London 
Day 3/1 ...Visited an area near the hotel and ate the most expensive burgers I've ever bought at GBK. 
Day 2 We took SANDEMANs free tour
Day 3 We took the Harry Potter walking tour.
Day 4 Visited more places and after dinner we left for Paris... → 

Day 3 Nights in Paris 
Day 4/1 we arrived late (directly to hotel)
Day 2 - Free Tour.
Day 3 - Walked around.
Day 4 - More Paris and in the evening we went to the airport to go to Rome..→

3 Nights in Rome 
Day 4/1 slept near the airport.
Day 2 visited the colosseum and took the underground tour.
Day 3 we bought Hop On Hop off bus tickets and we visited many of the famous spots.
Day 4 More of Rome and Florence in the in the afternoon... →

2 Nights in Florence.
Day 4/1 arrived in the afternoon, we visited the 'Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore' and Piazza Michelangelo.
Day 2 the main event of the day was climbing the dome and bell tower.
Day 3: more sightseeing and in the afternoon we went to Pisa, → 

1 night in Pisa.
Day 3/1 and visited the leaning tower.
Day 2 the last day we walked around most of the city and then went to the airport to return home.

Overall it was a great vacation my favorite part was Alnwick castle and the harry potter tour in London. We need to go back to London so we can visit WB Harry Potter studios. If you're going buy the tickets as soon as you know the dates you'll be there, you won't regret it!

What is your best vacation?

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