If i won the lottery...


As I was going through my twitter feed before falling asleep I noticed a bunch of people tweeting with "If I won the lottery," I looked into it and decided to try the blog everyday in October challenge, I started writing this post yesterday it was late in the evening so I'm publishing it today.

Here's what I would want to do if I won the lottery

What I would want to do if I won the lottery (in no particular order):

- Keep it a secret, or at least say I won at most half of what I actually did.
- Divide it into fifths, out of which:
~ One of those would be for Avi, either as a trust fund or college fund or something else.
~ Another fifth for traveling.
~ Another fifth would be invested in a company, whether it be for me or for Pablo.
~ Another fifth would be to set our parents up for retirement, I'd love to be able to help them like they've helped us.
~ Another fifth would help us in our everyday life, we would not quit our jobs, the difference would be (for example) we could take weekend trips with much much ease.
- Bring our families over and have a nice family vacation. (I wouldn't make it luxurious, just want them to be with us.
- Buy a house in Mexico, maybe one some where else too ( If I can convince Pablo), it doesn't matter how big or where, as long as it's ours!

What would you do if you won the lottery?

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