If I had to choose one Picture...


... I would choose this one:

The reason I love this picture is because duh, I just caught the snitch!! Going to Alnwick Castle was one of the best things we could have done (and did) during our trip to Europe (even thought it's not to Europe but in Europe) this past June. 

But wait, before I write more about day 4 in the blog every day in October challenge, I need to get a little something off my chest. 

This week went by super fast and I think part of that is owed to the fact that Avi and I didn't leave the house on tuesday since we had a stomach virus, this made wednesday feel like a monday to me, and to top things off yesterday was a national holiday. [It's safe to say, my meal plan for the week did not go as planned!] 

I found out the bad way.The bus I usually take to take Avi to school didn't show, one hour later we find out why and then I get mad(ish) since we don't have any food (I usually buy it after dropping her off). This is what we ended up having for lunch, along with leftovers: 
It's the only thing I had at home, rice, potatoes and one Tuna can.. :/ Things got better, because as I was trying to convince Pablo to have breakfast for dinner, I received a message that the weekly pop up fruit and vegetable market was going to be there at 7/ SCORE! I went and bought a couple of things, to make for dinner along with couscous. 
all this for 1 Euro!
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Okay, so now onto today's prompt, I love all our pictures from our europtrip this past summer, especially the ones of us learning to fly a broom at Alnwick Castle, but I haven't posted them to Instagram yet. So I'd have to say that one of my favorite pictures on instagram is this one, It is special because it was taken on her birthday, we had just had some birthday cake and were on our way to the city center for a lantern parade, she was excited! 
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What's your favorite Instagram photo?

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