A Twitter Pet Peeve


I love using twitter, it is a great way to let out what's in your mind and read what others have to say. I don't have many twitter related pet peeves, but I do know which is my main one. It is the use of the "favorite" option. There is something I don't understand and it bothers me, like when somebody has more favorites than tweets, uhm, why? 

There are many reasons to which someone may press the favorite button, I, for example, only do it because:
- I liked the tweet and want to save it.
- I want to have access to it later.
- It interests me but I don't have time to read it in that instant.
- I would favorite a tweet to remember (Example. the first time somebody shared one of my blog posts, or in general when somebody new shares something of mine).

I don't keep them there forever though, usually only until I read the article, then after I read it I un-favorite it. Currently I have under 70 "favorite" tweets and I think that is too much.

Question for who those of you who use twitter, why do you "favorite" a tweet?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, today will be the last day I participate in this challenge. I can't give
more details at the moment, but I wouldn't mind a prayer for us and that there is no need for surgery. I really enjoyed taking part in the blog every day in October challenge, and that I got to know many new bloggers. Thanks to those of you who have followed along, I hope to keep reading your stuff!

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