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Trip to Prague.

We took two days off and visited the city of  Prague. if you haven't visited it, I suggest you go ASAP, it was easily the most beautiful city we have visited to date. Even though we only spent two full days there we were still able to see just about all of the main landmarks. We took an overnight bus (the   big yellow ones  with Student Agency) from Hamburg on Wednesday evening and arrived in Prague on Thursday at 6:30 a.m. First day in Prague We made sure to book our tours with SANDEMANs online before we left. We had a couple of hours free time in the morning, but our itinerary was quite packed. w e had three tours scheduled for the day: the free tour, the castle tour, and the beer tour.   A Museum (w/Harry Potter in the window) We spent the morning visiting an empty old town square.  Then went to find a place to chill and eat breakfast while we waited for our first tour to start. Once it was around time we went to meet with our tour guide.  Some of