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Olay Fresh Effects {Shine, Shine Go Away}

How are you!  Here it is still hot, and sometimes hotter, nothing like what we're used to but still more than what you'd expect in Northern Germany, we are sometimes getting rain but even then, it is immer noch warm! ¡Caliente! Beating the Shine.

Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles Review!

I currently have the opportunity to try out   Dr. Scholl's® For Her High Heel Insoles as part of the  Influenster   Paradise Vox Box program. 

Back in McAllen. - voxbox

I don't think anyone is reading this, so I'm just typing away in case influenster is interested in reading my post about my most recent VOXBOX!!    One day as I got home my mom called me over and let me know I had received a big orange box from Influenster, yay!!  I was very excited since I had heard via twitter and Facebook that it is supposed to be very relaxing  and soothing.  This is the second box I receive, I didn't blog about the first one since I received it last year, during the holidays and I wasn't into blogging back then.


We saved enough money to go on another vacation, this was the first time we didn't have any tours scheduled, in our Easter Break in Holland we had Carmen and Joost and in the Czech Rep we had the  free & paid SANDEMANs tour .  in the end it turned out okay since we bought the Hop On Hop Off 36 hrs tickets in Rome, Venice was walkable and we rode on a vaporetto, and Florence was also a very walkable city and the maps were very detailed. This post  is going to be heavy on the pictures and light on the descriptions. If you want to know anything more about a specific picture, please ask!

letzten Tag der Arbeit

Casamundo on  26. Juli 2013 My last day of work was Wednesday  but since I got sick (gastroenteritis) I was unable to attend.. so my real last day of work was Monday! Anyways last week before I got transfered to  I had asked my workmates if they wanted me to take lunch for my last day of work as the abschiedsessen..  (since its a tradition to take something to share, usually sweets or so) I offered them Chili dog, Mexican style.. they said yes, except for two of them that are Vegans and decided to make chili sin carne con tofu.  I ended up changing the day to Friday instead of wed. and well.. it was a total success :) The food came out delicious, everybody enjoyed it! As a goodbye present they got me a "I <3 Hamburg" coffee mug some chocolates and a postcard signed by them..  one of the chocolate is flavored "Chili Kirsch" (cherry chili) it is actually a bit spicy.. I can't believe they complain about our tamarindo candies if they h


I'm doing a short post today, letting you know what I did at work, something excited happened! Although I've already mentioned it before, I'm currently working on SEO , and with that I have to guest post on different sites to boost up our job website.  I had only been doing reciprical links, but recently I decided to go for it. I contaced h ttp://   and offered to guest post. T hey said yes!  My  article is about Dreamlines Cruises and the NT of Australia  you can check it out here: Cruises to Australia Had you heard of Dreamlines Crueses?