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One year.

We've officially been in Germany for a year I remember my first day here it was hectic at the airport, I had a bunch of suitcases of all sizes and Avi was to little to help carry them, besides, she was in her stroller. I found out that the little carts you usually rent didn't require money, just a quarter, so in it went and I was able to get us out of the airport easily, Once out of the baggage claim, Pablo helped me mit alles . What I didn't know was that if I put the cart back it would return my quarter to me, oh well... you win some you loose some! W e took a train then a bus to get home.  I remember the smell of the apartment when I first got here, how everything was so new, Pablo had a few things in the fridge and we were able to eat a homemade meal as a family for the first time in Hamburg. Life has changed in so many ways over the past year and yet remains the same. Currently: - I am a SAHM, I did an internship earlier this year, but only for 6 mths