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When going from Europe to North America you get a couple of  moments that  require adjusting , but those are easier to adjust to. It's coming back from a trip to the states that makes me feel weird. it is good to be back home and I really appreciate our trip to the states we just had. but here's a recap of some differences between both places. I've noticed that over the past three years, more and more people are speaking Spanish in the states. Or maybe it's just because there are a lot of international people at the airports. Nonetheless, I am able to understand the people all around us... And it feels good to be able to explain myself clearly. Being in North America means everyone can understand us , and when Avi says "mom, I need to fart" in English. on a plane from Atlanta to Charlotte. the whole plane starts laughing (well at least the people around us)... Don't worry I proceeded to tell her she couldn't because everyone would know it was

Boston POPS Firework Spectacular

We happened to be in Boston for the fourth of July, this was Avi's first time seeing fourth of July fireworks, and we were excited. We met up with Pablo's cousin this day and they were talking about how the fireworks were going to be really cool (and gave us recommendations of where to sit). They took us to the river where the firework display would be, and although it was still early, it was packed. They told us of a good spot to be, but we decided to go eat dinner before settling there. We ended up eating yummy burritos at Boloco. I came prepared, I took my camera and tripod in the evening and set everything up. I managed to take 14 pictures of the fireworks with my camera. my  pictures were taken with a Canon 30D + 50mm, 8s at ƒ/11.0  ISO 100.  While not all of them came out good, I decided to post all of them on here, just to give you an idea of what you get with these settings. You can tell by looking at the pictures that it's best at the beginning, beca

Berlin Day Trip

I have a Cousin who has been living in Ireland for almost one year and we hadn't visited each other yet. earlier this year, she started planning a trip to come visit, and I was excited about it. I didn't find out until the weekend before she arrived that this was technically a pit stop on her way to Tomorrowland,but it doesn't matter.. I love having guests over and while we technically didn't do much her first day in Germany,we took advantage and went to Berlin on day 2 in germany.. You might recall we were recently in Berlin pack in Feb, when pablo's brother was here. this time we planned the visit the evening before. I had heard that a one way bus ticket can be as low as 8€, so I started searching. I didn't see any good cheap options within the time frame we wanted. So I tried googling: "hamburg Berlin train cost" thinking maybe we could stop by Schwerin, the castle of the north,  but it would also take too long and we'd be in the city f

My Top Ten Favorite Songs

I relax by listening to music. I clean while listening to music. Not a day goes by where I don't listen to music. Even if it's not coming from my phone there is music all around. In cars passing by or at the store are just a few examples. Having music while on the road is a must for me, so after talking to Turo and their adventure focused car rental team, it got me thinking about music. I will turn it on whether I'm ridding on a car, plane, or train. But not only that, I also listen to music at home, whenever I'm cooking you'll find me listening and singing along to music.. or watching netflix, but that's a story for another time, hehe. My playlists vary, and my favorites do too, depending on whether i'm feeling nostalgic or not. I've gathered my top ten songs, some new, some old to share with you today. Let her go - passenger Boom Clap - Charli XCX Cake by the ocean - DNCE Just give me a reason - P!nk ft Nate Reuss Major Lazer & DJ

Who to follow on Snapchat

I recently shared my worry-free travel tips and today I'm going to share my Snapchat friend list with you. If you're not using snapchat yet then maybe this post will make you want to.  This app is like no other, photos and videos are recorded on the app and can be sent to a specific person or added to your story, the trick is they will only be there for 24 hours, after that they're gone! I've been using Snapchat since 2015 and have really gotten into it lately. I have around 50 followers and to me that's something. I had <15 for a while and they were all family members, now friends and other bloggers are following me too.. I especially like to add people I meet while traveling! After a while of using it, I thought it'd be a great idea to follow German speakers. they would speak like they normally do, fast and about whatever they're currently doing, so it would have me hearing more of the language while hanging out at home-great idea! So I asked a

How to travel safely.

A while back, I saw that SimpliSafe, a maker of wireless security systems , was encouraging everyone to spread the word about worry-free travel tips. We all know I love traveling and getting to visit new places, we are currently in Boston for the first time thanks to a conference Pablo is attending. So I figured I'd join in and talk about the ways I like to keep my trips worry-free. Carry a universal travel adapter. We bring one adapter and an extension cable with the outlets so we can charge all our devices without much worry. Have a printed copy of your reservations. You don't want to arrive in a city and not know the name of your hotel or it's location! And yes, that happened to us over in Rome. we got off the train and didn't have the hotel information on us... I don't want that happening again. Book in advance. The first thing I book for any trip is the flight followed by the hotel, then I usually like to book any excursions we might want to do. Do