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Get to know me.

     Hi Everyone! it's been a while since i posted anything to my blog, and i opened blogger today and found a couple of drafts, this one I had done as a guest post on a friends blog and figured I'd post it here to! Have you been following along on instagram? I post on my stories almost daily and it's so much fun for me!    List the top 5 cities you've visited and why. I've already done a post on this, 5 Places I'd like to revisit go check it out and tell me if we have any cities in common! What do you like doing in your spare time? I enjoy spending time on the computer and watching stuff on Netflix. when I have time I like challenging myself to do puzzles. What are you reading? I just finished reading Accidental Tourist and am currently reading The Girl on the Train. What is your favorite food to cook? My all time favorite recipe is Enchiladas Suizas , but sometimes I settle for Chilaquiles (as tortillas de MaĆ­z/corn tortillas) aren't found

Young Living

Hi!  I started using essential oils for sleep support over two years ago. But I only joined Young Living last year! I bought a set of 12 essential oils and diffused them all over the house. How I Started:  My friend Courtney offered a free roller to anyone who wanted to try them, I tried out a sleep roller.. then a couple of months later she hosted a try before you buy, so I tried two additional ones and I bought my kit shortly after -talk about hooked.  Don’t be discouraged if you're feeling skeptical at first; I was too!  Background on Young Living : They are the first essential oils company, and they’ve been around for more than 25 years! Young Living has a Seed To Seal promise– basically stating they provide quality through extensive testing. They seed, cultivate, distill, test and seal each bottle of oil at their very own farms! Europe Special Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an Ein Beitrag geteilt von Diana Elle (@diamant.oils) Young Living is offeri


Hi Everyone! I think I'm back. The last time I posted something on here was a recap of our 2016. A lot has changed since then. Especially if we talk about the whole pandemic thing going on, which we won't. ;D  I have debated whether or not I should start this back up, I decided to just do it, after all, I have a lot of ideas. I have since started using Young Living's Essential Oils have you ever used oils before? so Good! We don't have any big summer plans,  a couple of sleep overs, movie nights and picnic dates for sure!  What are your summer plans?