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Pablo's Birthday and this weeks plan.

October is a couple of days away and I hadn't posted a single menu plan this month, I had been keeping track of everything, I just wasn't sharing it here on the blog.  This past weekend was special since Pablo celebrated his 27th birthday yesterday.   Saturday he attended a seminar that a friend from Monterrey was giving at his University, after that we went to eat with him and some other Mexican attendees. We ended the night with a couple of beers at the Harburg Wein Fest. Sunday was Verkaufsoffener Sonntag (open sale Sunday). but we started the day at my friends house where we ate a cake we had made on friday, and left there to be refrigerated since ours is too small.. Then we went to a Mall and spent the day there. In regards to what we're eating: I'm still sticking to the usual, but a neighbor offered to take me 'grocery' shopping and show me which meats to buy since the only one I trust myself buying is ground beef. I'm still workin

[Hamburg] Hafen City

I had added this as a section in my post about the  Blue Port and Hamburg Cruise Days but decided this could be separated because the port itself has a story to be told.  I've been on tours that take us in and around the port and it is really something else.  While my sister was visiting us  over the summer, we went with my German class on a little field trip and visited Hafencity.   Read on to find out more about this little 'city' within Hamburg.

Avi's Baptism.

September marks the month of many anniversaries in our family, As a flashback post I figured I'd go back and share some pictures with you from Avi's Baptism 4 years ago this month. Especially since I hadn't shared this here, only in my spanish blog . September 17th, 2010.

{retro} travel tuesday: Puerto Vallarta.

I Got the idea of doing a retro post from Holly (former: englishgirlcanadianman) and today I will share my sort of senior trip to Puerto Vallarta.  I say sort of because I had signed up with the Spanish class to go on a trip this trip, which happened to be after our graduation ceremony.  We rented a bus, and on our way to PV we spent the night in Guadalajara,  We didn't get to explore much of the city since we were just there to sleep. but it was fun, we went to a club near our hotel and our table won a beer bucket! I remember most of the trip, but I didn't take many pictures of the city. Here's a glimpse of what we did: - Foam party tuesdays at Collage  - day trip to "El Eden" which is outside of PV, it has a restaurant, bar, swimming hole, zip lining among other things. We went via bus, the roads were narrow and the views were amazing,   annhere are more pictures of our trip: Eating Jicama w/ Chamoy and Tajin  We were on an excursion to vi

Kaese Makkaroni Rezept (Recipe)

"Cheese Macaroni"  I guess you could say it's a German version of Mac and Cheese - After tasting it for the first time in May I knew it would be something I had to cook in the future. Last month, I finally decided it was time to try it out.   I went to buy all the necessary ingredients, but the store I go to didn't have Ricotta cheese, I substituted it for   Sahnequark , and extra cheese. I got it from a German cookbook but the english version is at the end of this post. Käse Makkaroni für 4 Personen Zutaten: 250 g Makkaroni 250 g Ricotta 1 1/2 TL Körniger Senf 3 EL frisch gehacktes Schnittlauch, plus etwas mehr zum garnieren Salz und Pfeffer 200 g kirschtomaten, halbiert 100 g getrocknete Tomaten in Öl, abgetropft und gehackt Butter oder Öl, zum einfetten 100 g Emmentaler, gerieben. Directions  1 Die Makkaroni in einem topf mit kochendem Salzwasser geben und noch Packungsanweisung al dente garen.  2  Ricotta, Senf und Schnittlau

Unexpected destination: Schwerin.

I'm linking up to Travel Tuesday today and since it is the first one of the month it is prompted. and today's prompt is: unexpected destinations. Last year we went to Berlin with the schönes wochenende ticket and we had to change trains around half way there. We just took our train and continued on with our trip. Later that year a friend posted pictures of a castle in that same little town we had changed trains in. I knew we just had to go visit.  This February, a friend came to Hamburg for work, so we decided we would take a day trip to Schwerin along with some other friends.  The city itself is really peaceful, it is slow paced not all fast like a big city, while there is a tram and buses it is very walkable. The main item on our list was the castle, which was built between 1845 and 1857, but the first records of a castle at this location date from AD 973 It is very pretty and totally worth the detour if you're travelling through