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Goodbye Hamburg, Hello Kaiserslautern.

We spent our last weekend in Hamburg at a friends house wrapping up our packing and organizing everything. After that we went downtown while we waited to meet up with other friends and their kids. We walked around the stadtpark while the kids played with the snow. It was fun and Avii got to say goodbye to some of her friends. As of Monday we are officially in our new city. It feels so surreal, we are staying in the university's guest house until we get the key to our apartment on Friday. We move in over the weekend and then start buying furniture and everything little by little. A photo posted by diana L. (@xxdinlo88) on Jan 29, 2015 at 2:18pm PST Yesterday we walked around the university and I can't wait to explore more, but for now, we are spending our time playing in the snow.

5 places I'd revisit in a heartbeat.

I've been enjoying these past few weeks spending time with the family, but our vacation is almost up!  We return to Germany on Tuesday, and I plan on doing some traveling once we're back home. Some of the cities I'd like to visit are: Mannheim , Heidelberg and Frankfurt. But then again, there's also cities such as   London, Paris, and Rome, popular ones that everyone dreams of visiting when in Europe. Lucky for us we were just there last year, during our 15 days in Europe. My Top 5 Destinations to revisit Just because I've already been to a certain place doesn't mean I never want to step foot there again, quite the contrary actually! I was tagged by Katrina to choose  5 places I'd like to revisit. Read on to find out where I'd like to go again! London, England I want to go back to London because we didn't get to visit WB’s Harry Potter studios. I mean, yeah, you can never get enough of the beautiful city and there&