Tuna Cake Recipe. #EasyDinners

Today I will be sharing one of my easy dinners. 

My friend passed me this recipe one day when I didn't know what to cook, I tried it and we were automatically hooked.

The ingredients she mentioned were:

1 can of mushroom soup. 1 Bag of yellow lays, and a couple cans of Tuna.

After doing this a couple of times and trying it with different things, I found out that what works best for us is if we add cheese. After all, everything tastes better with cheese, neh?

So anyways, onto the Steps, you may notice that I didn't picture a can of mushroom soup, or actual lays, that is because this is what I can find in Germany.

drain the Tuna, and grind the potato chips, you can make them very tiny or just little pieces (I prefer a mixture of both sizes) and mix the two in a baking dish, then add the cheese. 

incorporate the mushroom soup and bake for 20 minutes at 180c.

Let me know if you like it.

P.S. for the three of us I usually use two 195 gr cans of Tuna.


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