Two Months in Ktown.

A whole month has passed and we have nothing but a TV to show for it... haha well, i'm not complaining, it's spring time!

We took another trip to Mannheim to pick up the Compression Garments, here's a video of the ride from Mannheim to Kaiserslautern.

Last Sunday was Verkaufsoffener Sonntag, we took advantage and bought Avi her Easter dress, which she chose, and it kind of matches the second pair of compression garments (the birds are actually blue, the pants are mint green). You can see the one she wore last year here.

It was a bit different from the ones we had been to in Hamburg, The streets were filled with market stalls, and they had ,many activities for kids, including a a train. 

Two month's in and still no school for Avi, 

I dislike the fact that they don't offer an actual vorschule (PreSchool) here. possible good news: I had a meeting with a lady an a kindergarten yesterday, to sign up and she told me that she has three ladies that haven't confirmed whether they still need a spot in this kita, if one of them says no then we have a spot for Avi and she would start in September!

Everything else is okay, I have learned to live with it. I have started to 'home school' Avi, any tips will be greatly appreciated.

Today was the grand opening of "K in Lautern" a new shopping mall (is there other sorts?) in Kaiserslautern bringing Primark, TK Max and other stores for the first time to this city.

Avi and I spent the whole morning there, arriving around 8:30 am, did you see all the goodies I got? and well it's a good thing we opted for earlier because at around 11:45 it started overflowing with people, mainly kids that had gotten out of school and everyone else that was in their lunch break.

That's it for my 2nd month's recap; it wasn't really a by the numbers since there was nothing to count. and I think I was very repetitive in this post, was that the case?

Any tips for homeschooling/learning to read will be greatly appreciated.

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