O is for Office (Hours)

When I first arrived in Germany, I really disliked the fact that stores close on Sundays and early all the other days of the week. After a while I got used to it, and  it turned out to be better for us. Saturdays we go grocery shopping on Sunday is usually just a lazy day.

There are actually strict regulations concerning opening and closing hours, the “Ladenschlussgesetz” (Shop Closing Law) controls this. Thus supermarkets close at 22.00 at the latest and open before 9/10 a.m. 

Office hours can be good for you if you're working because you will have more paid holidays than other countries in Europe.you can choose to combine this with your vacation days and have a few extended weekends throughout the year.

Germany has quite generous holidays in comparison to other European countries. During which banks, supermarkets and most shops will be closed.  Public transportation and other services are also available.

National holidays in Germany.

You can read more about this topic here: Balancing a work-life balance.

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