Y is for Yes.

ha, I did end up talking about "yes" who would've guessed? Here's another one from my drafts! 

My middle sister got married in November of last year and in my opionon it was a wedding on a whim. We had been talking about what we were going to do since August. But they didn't officially get engaged until he formally asked her on Sept 8th. 
she said yes!
Engagement photoshoot
We were making plans for celebrating this very important day in her life, she had decided she would get married on my birthday, since we would all be there for the holidays. I was really excited, since I had witnessed a couple of post-ceremonies here and really like their traditions so I wanted to incorporate what I could.

...but after checking with the officiator, and seeing that his schedule wouldn't work, they moved it up a month and got married on Nov 27th instead.

By the time they chose a date they had only 15 days to get everything sorted out. So they decided it would be best to keep it simple only parents, siblings and witnesses. 

They split the tasks between the guests, her sister in law was in charge of the centerpieces, I think she did a good job, thanks Pinterest

If she had waited for me to be there, this is what I would have included, thanks to those ceremonies I've witnessed here.

- I would've taken red heart balloons and given one to everybody so we could release them after the 'ceremony.'


- Had a bunch of petals and confetti in a basket for everyone to grab a handful and throw in the air.

I have more than one of this, from different occasions, she loves playing with the petals.

Had champagne or wine for everybody to cheer to the new couple.

I was able to virtually attend via skype, and then we did a little celebration (carne asada,  anyone?) when we went back in December. 


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