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This past Tuesday the fourth was Avi's 5th birthday, and if you follow me on instagram you saw that we spent it in the hospital. Avi still had a great day, our neighbors came to visit her, the nurses and lunch lady gave her special gifts, and we decorated her room with a lot of balloons.
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I've also been away from the blog for the past two weeks because we were in the hospital. If you remember I requested a prayer that no surgery would be necessary in my last post. Avi got a second degree burn, but we got through it! We're actually still working on it, keeping her hydrated, making sure she doesn't scratch, and applying cream so it doesn't dry up.

The doctor told us it is practically all superficial except a little part on her leg that might be more deeper than we originally thought, there is a chance that she may need a skin graft in this little area, it is considered 2b not a third degree burn but also not a second degree burn that will heal by itself (like the rest). But we have to wait a while before we know for sure.

On the up side, we got home earlier this evening.

Pablo and I stayed in the hospital with her the whole time, she has been in the same happy/good humor she is always in. We spent Halloween in there, which kind of sucked because she really wanted to go trick or treating, and since Halloween isn't really a thing yet they didn't do anything for it in the hospital, but I took advantage of the bandages and did a sort of mummy costume, and gave her some sweets.
I'll be catching up with past posts now that I have internet again, so if you see random comments from me in past posts, now you know why, it might take me a while to catch up! I can't wait to continue blogging once we get on a temporary schedule, before we leave for vacation.

Any tips for the scars?


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