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First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers, in honor of it being thanksgiving, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of what I ate while we were in the hospital. I haven't uploaded my menu plans for over a month, mainly because our food was being provided and I wasn't doing any cooking (just 'preparing' our breakfast and abendbrot, evening bread). The times we were home I was too busy with other stuff that I just bought whatever I felt like cooking and only did a quick plan on my way to the grocery store , which is also why i've been a little MIA lately, there is SO much to do around the house, I'll post an update soon enough. 

Back to what I ate while we were in the hospital, they had a good variety, offering 4 -5 different meal options per day (3 regular ones and 2 vegetarian). I managed to snap a couple of pictures of  some of my lunches, I don't remember what everything was called, I think I might have written it down I can look for them and add that later, some of it is pretty obvious though.

Hospital Food

three course meal at hospital.

Hospital Food

Some of these pictures were taken after I had already started eating, but I feel like I have to share them too. Something I I noticed is that I usually always picked the plate that included some sort of potatoes, what can I say, they are amazing!

I will google some of these and make them myself, especially what I had my first day (the first pic), it really surprised me by how delicious it was, props to the lunch people at the hospital!

What is your opinion on hospital food?

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