Easter, and so many things

Happy Easter to whomever is reading this, I hope you had a nice day! This is our second Easter spend abroad, last year we were in Holland cracking eggshells on the beach and this year we met up with some friends at a park downtown.

We didn't get to go to church because we had a kiddie Easter egg hunt event today at the same time we usually go to church. My friends and I had been planing this for a while, did you know the fill-able plastic eggs are not available in Germany? Yepp, we had to improvise, a friend bought some that are meant for decoration purposes, but they got the job done, and then Kinder surprise eggs, and other chocolate eggs, there was a lot of chocolate involved in our improvisation.

Our day started really early we got to the park at 9:30 am and stayed until 11:45. I took confetti filled eggs, and two prizes, the way we did it was once all the kids finished finding the eggs we counted them, and the top three got a prize.

Eating her Chocolate Egg.

We then went our separate ways, Avi and I went home for lunch. but not before she spent some more time outside in the backyard, where she played a while with Rosa while I tuned in to TFC McAllen's Sunday mass live stream; it was such a nice service, I'm really glad I was able to virtually attend.

When I came inside I noticed something for Avi, Once it was time for her to come inside I went downstairs to help her with it. Our Landlords left a little Easter hunt for Avi with a little basket and a letter. The letter mainly says "the Easter rabbit has hidden items for you, have fun searching and Happy Easter"

That was very nice of them and it added to the fun, Avi had a blast searching for the missing items!

On another note, we have an upcoming trip in the end of May and I'm excited!

bis später,


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