Viva VoxBox!

I have so much to do around the house, and I need help organizing my time, ahh! any tips? 

I received my viva voxbox around last week, but I hadn't had the chance of reviewing it yet. 

If you're here, its probably not the first time you hear about influenster, but you can read more about it my previous posts for the Paradise VoxBox and Rose VoxBox.

I'll get to it, the first thing I saw when opening the box was the card with details about the products, here's what's included:

all of these products are new to me, but I do know a lot of the brands & other versions of them.

I am most excited about the Vaseline Spray and Go & Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths. The Vaseline spray is amazing, it is fast to apply and it absorbs in seconds, this should be the new way to apply lotion!  I don’t know if you've seen the commercials, but you can apply it like they do and you’ll have the perfect amount to moisturize your body without excess (like you would if you were guessing the amount with the tube lotions). Today was my first time using the Cetaphil cleansing cloths, and they removed all my make up perfectly without any greasy residue.

I have tried out Pure Ice nail polishes in the past, but a different version, the ones I received were beautiful colors and have affordable prices.  The NYC City Proof Lip Crayon is fantastic.  Remember a couple of weeks ago when I talked about being in search of a new lipstick?  How cool is it that shortly after that I receive a new twistable that is an awesome red color and super easy to apply? Awesomely cool!

Montagne Jeunesse Peel Off Mask, left my face feeling soft and feeling great.
I will be uploading more pictures to twitter as I use them and can give more details about a product if needed.

Until next time,


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