Super Sunday VII, at our place!

My English speaking moms group is one where moms meet once a week to catch up while the children play, but those babies quickly become toddlers, and once they start Kita it is often difficult to make the regular weekly meetings and keep touch with the group directly, so they created a spin-off meeting once a month.. and call it SUPER SUNDAYS. & it's perfect because our significant others have no excuses not to help with the hosting!

I had some friends over today for a HMM BBQ and we had an excellent time. I know Pablo doesn't really like hosting stuff, but we both enjoyed today. It was a total of 4 families that were able to come, and the kids sure did have a good time!
Easter tree deco
As usual, everybody brought something to grill, and my friend Maria even brought Frijoles Charros, they were delicious. I might share the recipe on here, I mean, it's not often we get to cook Mexican food in Germany!

Here are some more pictures from today. I didn't take any of the food, who has time for that anyways, definitely not the hosts!

Avi and I were matching today, we took advantage and had a mini photo sesh.  

Avi kept complaing about her hair and it being so hot so I decided to braid it while she played with her ponies. I think it merits bragging since it came out pretty cool. This was the first time I do anything like it, I did the full "headband" braid all the way around, then i did a French braid with all the hair.
I didn't plan any special games for the kids, but they didn't mind they were either jumping on the trampoline or playing with a ball.

How was your weekend?

Until next time,
Diana L.


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