The Chile house is a UNESCO World Heritage site built between 1922 and 1924 by Fritz Höger comissioned by Henry B. Sloman, who earned his wealth in the saltpeter trade with Chile, hence the building's name.
The Chilehaus is a 1920s impressionist building constructed to resemble a ship housing restaurants, shops & offices

This building is all about perspective especially its eastern tip, which recalls the prow of a ship. The design for this sleek twenties style building was inspired by the shapes of the ships in the nearby docks. Today the ground floor is full of shops of all kinds and if you visit on a weekday you can take the public entry and visit hallways with a classical example of "brick-architecture."

This building is very photogenic and worth going to see it, even more if you have any interest in architecture or design. I love showing it to visiting friends!

Address: Fischertwiete 2, 20095 Hamburg


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