I am an expert at:

Day 17.

This is a fun one, especially since nobody can be an expert at one thing, There's always good and bad things you can be an expert at, Here are some of mine:

Procrastination.-- I am a bit of a procrastinator. A good example is when it comes to dinner time, I don't always do this, but at times I stay a little while longer than I should on the computer before I actually begin making it. #donthate for this same reason I schedule it early.

Which leads me to another thing I'm an expert at, spending time on the computer, which can be good for the blog...and connecting with friends and family back home.

Being hooked on Netflix. Netflix is my background noise, I'm usually always watching something. This week I caught up with Arrow, and by this week I mean I watched 12 episodes in three days.

Last but not least, in a way, I am also an expert at travelling with a child we have been traveling with her since she was a newborn, it all started with a three hour drive, and from there we've had: a 20 hr drive from TX to NC - Flight from Texas to Hamburg (just us two girls) - and our five flights in 15 days this past summer, amongst other random trips.

What are you an expert at?

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