Vor zwei Jahre.

Two years ago we moved to Hamburg. I left Texas on Oct 8th, 2012 to arrive in Hamburg on the ninth. and since then, everything has been new to me. I know nobody reading this has been following along that long since I only recently started blogging more. Our second year in Germany was good, I'd like to recap a little of what's been going on in our lives these past 12 months..
A week after I posted my one year post I found a German class that I am able to attend twice a week and best of all, it's free!

Pablo got a part time job at Airbus, so we had extra income we were able to save up and travel.

Avi keeps making new friends which helps me, since I have to speak German with the parents! 

We had three guests over the summer.

In the two years we've been here the only thing I regret not having done is putting Avi in the Kindergarten near our house. 

We didn't do this because we thought we were only going to stay here for three months (it's a 17 minute bus ride to the city) but then we decided that it was better for us to stay here since we were getting a good deal. I regret this because in the last few months I've gotten to meet a lot of the neighbors with kids around Avi's age, and they are all surprised that they had never met us (that has to do mainly with me being to shy since I didn't speak any German at the time).and now we will only be neighbors for the next three months, after that: Auf Wiedersehen!  


- I am a still a SAHM. But I now have permission to work, so when we come back in Jan I can start working!
- Pablo is now working on his Thesis which he will turn in in December.
- Avi is doing well, she can now speak fluent English, German and Spanish.
- We've bought our tickets to go home in December! 

My second year in Hamburg was unforgettable (as was the first year here).  We have from here to december to enjoy the part of the city we're in and then we'll start the new year with a fresh start (fingers crossed we stay in Germany).

Bis zum nächstes mal, 
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