A Hello Kitty party

Last year for my daughters 4th birthday she decided on a Hello Kitty themed party. This was her second birthday to be celebrated in Germany, but at the same time the first time we would celebrate with friends. so I wanted it to have a touch of home, there was going to be kids from different cultures and I figured it'd be col for them to experience a "Mexican" Fiesta. 

I started doing a Piñata.

but it was coming out too small 

so I did not finish it. :/ 

But I did make my the goodie bags from scratch. Materials needed:
Moosgummi, Glue, string or ribbons, and candy.

I bought some candy here but the rest I had sent from Mexico and USA  Shout out to my brother in law for bringing them to us!

diy hello kitty goodie bags

diy hello kitty goodie bags
We ended up choosing a McDonald's location for the party since the nearest Burger king only had an outdoor play area and it was raining that week.

We invited friends from her kita (kindergarten/daycare) and friends I made via Facebook (this is how expats usually meet people now a days) that have kids around the same age as her. it was really interesting the parents spoke English/Spanish (I was barely learning German, so they spoke English to me, Bless!) but the kids only spoke German, getting them to gather up was quite a task! 

Here are some more pictures from that day:

Birthday girl with a present and the center pieces.

What better way to wake up than with a cake and the happy birthday song?
Hello Kitty Birthday Cake
The end result of the goodie bags, even if the picture is too blurry! :/
Table decorations,
Friends singing happy birthday:
Avi looking at her new purse and Evie looking inside her goodie bag,
This year we were going to do a witches, ghosts, vampire (Halloween) party at an indoor playground, but since it had to be postponed I'm thinking we will keep it little and simple at home once we're fully back (the end of the week!)


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