7 shows to watch on Netflix NOW!

Today's prompt is about secrets. We're supposed to share something about ourselves, and basically the only thing I can think of is something I shared with you yesterday and something I had mentioned was a Unkown fact about me in my ABC's of Me.

Nothing to juicy (as you might be expecting people to spill) but I am a Netflix binge watcher, and today I am going to share some of my favorite shows that I have seen on here over the past two years.
7 Shows to Watch on Netflix & Why I watch them

How I Met Your Mother 

I think it is a given that everyone likes this show, even if the ninth season was not at all what we were expecting, they could've focused more on life with the mom, than the meeting her part (hehe).


An FBI agents' brother helps solve cases using his vast knowledge in math. This show is cool, and i'm not just saying it because I like shows about solving crime differently, like Monk.

The Mentalist 

Patrick Jane and his tea! He made me want to get my own teacup with matching plate. Which I did, in orange. Anyways, he helps the Cali-FBI using his former career as a "psychic."


The first time I watched this show I thought it would be to scary, but after a couple episodes I was hooked.  What can I say, I love Sam and Dean... and Castiel.


I LOVED this show, I really do recommend it. My favorite character is Sarah, I thought she was cool in the beginning, but at the end her fighting skills are amazing.


I love this show too! It is about the four grown Braverman siblings trying to raise their families and leaning on one another. My favorite couple consists of Julia and Joel, but my inspiration comes from Adam and Kristina, they are the best.

Desperate Housewives 

(I recently finished watching this in September) and my favorite couple is Lynette and Tom, this show is cool in a way, it makes me want to live in the suburbs oh, wait, I do! and have a group of friends that will be there for one another no matter what..

There are many shows on my ever-growing watch list that I did not mention above, maybe I'll make a future post about them.

Have you seen these any of these shows, which is your favorite? 
What Show do you recommend?


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