Marshmallow Fruit and More Salad (& Meal Plan)

My favorite fall food is pumpkin pie and sometimes apple cobbler [mainly, the one they always gave out at thanksgiving lunch at school when I was little]. But I've never tried making my own so I will not be sharing those recipes. Would you believe me if I told you I have never cooked/baked anything pumpkin or squash related? It's true!

My all time favorite recipe is a pretty simple dessert that everybody loves! Have you ever thought to add marshmallows to your fruit salad? My aunt does this all the time, and it makes it taste even better. I've been eating this thing at family gatherings since I was very little, an aunt would always make it for us.

Now, today's recipe is not technically a fruit salad, it's also not a "marshmallow fruit salad" since our version only has two fruits, I call it the Marshmallow Plus Salad. because it's fruit plus walnuts, raisins and some other stuff. Usually we just put a little bit of everything into the mixture until it tastes right.

The Marshmallows Plus Salad.


5-6 apples peeled and diced. (you can leave some unpeeled)
2 jars (1/2 lt.) normal cream.
Small marshmallows.
Diced pineapple (fresh or canned)
Coconut flakes.

Mix everything, then taste it, depending on your preferences you can add more pineapple juice and/or sugar to make it sweeter. 

Now onto this week's meal plan, I went to the store and bought most of the ingredients, I will go again in a couple of days when I need to. I share this picture on instagram: 
A photo posted by Diana Elle (@dianaelleblog) on

Nothing out of the ordinary,  my German version of Chilaquiles soothes any sort of "Mexican food" craving I have. 

What is your favorite fall recipe? 

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